What are the visual implications of SSL?

What are the visual implications of SSL?

As we’ve referred to a number of times throughout this guide, it is often the visual impact of an SSL certificate that has the biggest effect on users and potential customers. But how exactly does this work and what visual form will an SSL take on a site?

As with any purchase, online or not, most people will be more likely to buy from a reputable dealer. Certificates to prove authenticity or expertise in a certain field go a long way to making customers feel more secure.

That’s exactly the visual impact an SSL certificate can have on potential clients. SSL and TLS are the industry’s best and most accepted standards of security and certificates should be proudly displayed where everyone can see them.

 First of all, it will appear in the address bar. The site’s pre-fix will be https:// rather than the http:// and users are more frequently insisting on the difference.

The presence of the padlock icon in the address bar is also a big indication of safety. It reassures customers that their connection is secure and encrypted. And, as we’ve mentioned, it can make people more likely to complete a transaction.

By using the most secure form of certificate – the Extended Validation SSL certificate – the company name appears in green in the address bar. It’s another sure-fire way of letting customers know that it’s 100% legitimate.

Lastly, many SSL certificates come with a seal image, which can be used on the site to display the brand of SSL which is being used. Let customers know that their security and information is protected and they’ll be far more likely to trust the site with their cash.