What is an SSL Connection Error?

What is an SSL Connection Error?

An SSL connection error occurs when the page being accessed has some security issues. They occur for users’ protection, interrupting access to inform them that there may be some security concerns if they progress.

They can take a number of forms, often differing with the choice of browser. In some instances, the page may go red with the https:// pre-fix also highlighted in red. Using Google Chrome, there are a number of messages that users might see appear on their screen. These include ‘your connection is not private’ or simply that ‘this webpage is not available’.

It might be as the result of outdated security code on the website and doesn’t necessarily mean that the site being accessed is suspicious, but users should take connection errors seriously, especially if they are not 100% sure about the destination site.

Whilst there are ways to circumnavigate SSL connection errors, it is strongly recommended that users don’t.

If in website development trials it is found that the site is suffering from SSL connection errors then it is imperative to do something about it quickly. This may involve updating the security settings or simply acquiring a more adapted SSL certificate. This will help browsers to establish that the site is secure and allow users to access it without safety warnings.