What happens to domain names when they expire?

What happens to domain names when they expire?

Domain Name Expiration reminder notice

One month before your domain registration expires, we will send an email to the registered name holder with instructions for renewing your registration. Then, one week before your registration expires, we will send another email with the same instructions. It is very important that you watch for and pay attention to these emails, because we want to help you keep your domain name.

Post-expiration renewal

If you do not renew your registration before it expires, here is what will happen:

From days 1 to 30 after expiration (Grace Period):

Your domain name will be placed on hold, meaning that viewers will no longer be able to get to your website.

Within five days after your registration expires, we will send an additional expiration notice via email to the registered name holder. This email will include instructions for renewing your registration.

During the Grace Period, all services (such as the website and email) cease working until the name is renewed (if and when this happens).  As well, name server/DNS changes are not possible.  When the domain expires the DNS is temporarily changed, and a web page explaining the need for renewal may be shown.  When the domain is renewed, the DNS will be changed back to the previous DNS entries.

From days 31 to 60 after expiration(Redemption Period):

At the end of the Grace Period one of three things may happen:

The domain is marked for deletion, and with most types of domain names this will place the domain name enters a “Redemption Period” (also called “Pending Delete Restorable”), which is an additional period of time provided to recover the domain name.  The cost to recover the domain will be more than the cost of a renewal, and recovery is only available to the former domain owner.  The precise time when the domain is finally deleted depends on the Registry, but many domains are deleted 30-35 days after entering the Redemption Period.

A third party  expresses interest in the expired domain name via an online auctioning system, and when the Grace Period ends, the domain is sold to the highest bidder.  Domains that are auctioned off cannot be renewed or “redeemed”.

61 days after expiration:

If we still haven’t heard from you by this point, the domain will be marked for deletion. Other people will soon be able to buy your domain.

What does this all mean?

  • You will have 30 days after your registration expires to renew your domain at the standard rate.
  • After 30 days, it will still be possible to renew, but you will have to pay an additional fee–typically $130 (for a .com domain). The amount of the restoration fee is determined by the registry and varies for each domain ending.
  • After 60 days, there is no longer any way to renew, and you will lose your domain.
  • We all forget sometimes. Setting auto-renew in your account can save you the trouble of manually renewing and of needing to perform any of the steps above.

There is no additional fee to renew during this time period. Renewals will be charged at the standard rate